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Whelan Heats Services specialise in the installation and servicing of air to water heat pumps.Our team are fully certified and accredited with F-Gas Ireland .All our work is completed to meet all local government legislation and all our work conforms to manufacturers and F-Gas regulations.

Whelan Heat Services is a registered contractor under the Better Energy Homes scheme

Air to water air source heat pumps are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. They can be easily integrated into heating systems,offer excellent energy savings and can help reduce your carbon footprint. Designed to work in lower temperature conditions they are suitable for installation in a wide range of accommodation including smaller houses to larger properties. Electricity is required to operate the appliance resulting in approximately 75% of the energy used coming from renewable sources helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Using technology which is similar to that which is used in a common household fridge, the heat pump harnesses the natural heat energy from the air by blowing it through a highly finned evaporator coil. The heat pump then increases the temperature and the heat is used to provide heating & hot water for your home

Our Air to Water Heat Pumps offer the following benefits

  • Quiet Operation
  • User Friendly Control Unit
  • Built in High Efficiency Pump
  • High Flow Heat Exchange
  • High Temperature Output

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